Santa Barbara ABA LLC

Advanced Brain Solutions

A Transformational Experience

You might be scared or fired up and ready to get to work. In either case, we believe finding the right ABA company to work with is vital. We do not believe that every ABA company is a good fit for every child. Santa Barbara ABA is interested in working with clients who have strong family support. You will work just as hard as your child. We believe the relationship between Santa Barbara ABA and your family is a spiritual one....a transformational just might be the most important relationship that you have with a company you work with.



Customized Program

We start with an initial consult to determine if we're a good fit for you and you for us.


Parents Program

You are involved in your child's program along with your own transformational program.


Your Team

We help you build a community around your child who play an important role.

Our program isn't a fit for everyone, but when it is, magic happens. There is nothing religious about our program, but we believe it's spiritual, so make sure that word doesn't scare you. Traditional ABA methods are used along with advanced brain solutions (ie. neurofeedback and neurostimulation), nutrition coaching, coherence healing, community activity, and a customized transformational program for parents and other family members. If you are into meditation, heart coherence, and brain coherence, or are at least interested in learning how this can help your child, then it's worth a call.

“If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.”
Lao Tzu